Bootz is a male specimen of great beauty, with a good character and always ready to play. He loves the water and swimming in the river. He has a beautiful chocolate-colored coat and a lively and intelligent appearance. He is a father with strong genes and a happy and playful mind. He inherits his beautiful elegant body. Many of his puppies treat young people.

Shining Steel

Steel is our grounded, male Senior Labrador. He has been with us for a long time and is the father of many of our litters. He has a big heart and is the father figure who is like a reference person for all of our dogs, as well as for the other stud dogs. It is anthracite / charcoal in color and has a beautiful structure. He could intimidate any opponent, but his nature as a good father makes him respected by everyone without ever using his strength. When the mothers do their daily rounds, he replaces them to look after and care for the puppies.


Yaquim is our prince in silver. A specimen of great intelligence and indefatigability. Its fur is fluffy to the touch. Like all our Labradors in silver gifted with great acumen. He is always ready to teach others what he can understand first. If Steel can't find the ball, Yaquim shows it and leads Steel over and over until he finds it. Yaquim is very balanced and willing to work. His offspring are at home in the guide school for the blind and with great families.



Mystic Moon is our Labrador in white. His face is beautifully outlined by the black pigmentation and his strong structure has perfectly defined muscles. We call him "Mysitc Moon" because on our walks in the forest he keeps finding figures in old tree trunks, stag beetles and much more. As soon as he finds his treasures, he leads us there to share all his discoveries. He is always friendly and helpful. His children are in search of people, as guide dogs for the blind, therapy dogs and at home with lovable families.





Coal of Amar

Coal of Amar is the full brother of Cate of Amar. They are from mother Helen. Debora and Angelo, the owners, entrust us with their dear Coal for breeding. We are very connected to you and infinitely grateful. Coal was with us this summer and greeted every visitor with great charm. We think everyone immediately took him to their hearts.